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Unity Festivals

The Unity of Faiths Festival is an annual open park event in London which was inaugurated in 2011 to bring people together in order to promote community harmony and unity.

The Unity Festival is a positive platform where people from all backgrounds can meet and mingle comfortably, get to know each other’s communities and subsequently become more involved in their local neighbourhoods. The purpose is to unite together and experience the fun of a community festival where people learn to contribute and have ‘faith’ in each other.

The aims of the festival are:

  • To create ‘Awareness’ about ‘having faith in each other’
  • To provide a platform for ‘Dialogue’ to share ideas and set action for Unity, amongst people of all backgrounds, cultures and faith
  • To ‘Reach Out’ to others who can benefit from this message of unity in action, by helping to initiate projects within local communities

The Unity Festival attracts around 30,000 people and has an online following from over 23 countries. Due to the success of The Unity Festival in Southall, The Unity of Faiths Foundation is currently drawing up plans to organise other festivals in the UK as well as internationally.


The Festival attracted around 9,000 people and the community began to hear about what Unity was about.


The crowds increased to over 12,000 people and Southall was being to get established as the foundation for Unity’s work.


The numbers hit over 26,000 plus an online audience pushing the total to over 30,000. There was additional expansion with a live Skype link from Japan with author of Slumdog Millionaire, Vikas Swarup who spoke to the children in Southall about Unity. A former gang member was allowed to exchange the gun for the mike and perform on stage. He has since been signed up by a record label.