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Project Unity

Project Unity is a grass roots educational venture aimed at giving opportunities to empower young people by providing them with a positive platform in dealing with one of the most critical issues impacting on contemporary society – a lack of unity.

Project Unity Logo

Through a series of programmes and opportunities, young people will be given the chance to express, connect, engage and interact to develop their voice in building a more unified community, country and world.

In conjunction with Goldsmiths, First World War Centenary, Project Unity’s first venture is a four year plan with the aim to create a Youth Unity Charter – which will be presented to politicians and policy makers as a young people’s perspective on how to secure our future.

The initial programme, The Schools Programme will see schools across London participating in a scheme of learning with an opportunity to attend an all expenses paid trip to Wembley Stadium to showcase their work and become Ambassadors for Project Unity.

If you would like to find out more, or get involved, please email