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The Unity of Faiths Foundation is regularly involved in working with local groups in the UK and abroad in trying to aid and facilitate dialogue between groups and organisations. The team participates in seminars and workshops on issues of unity and bringing people together.

At part of making the projects inclusive, The Unity of Faiths Foundation encourages volunteerism and mentoring. In the 2013 Unity of Faiths Festival, more than 50 volunteers participated in the organisation of the event.

The types of outreach work done by the Foundation is outlined below:-


The Unity of Faiths Foundation has links with diverse groups of people and communities. The Foundation endeavours to connect groups and organisations working for unity.


Community Partnerships

The Unity of Faiths work with various local organisations in order to help delivery projects and messages related to peace. In 2014, this included partnering with the Muslim Community to deliver a local Iftar in Southall under the banner of Together in Service and The Big Iftar. With the Chinese Community, the Foundation worked on the 3rd Chinese Cultural Festival in London. With the Hindu community, the Foundation got non Hindus involved to participate in the Shoba Yatra by having a float travelling through the streets of Southall as part of the festivities. On each of these projects, Unity of Faith’s Foundation mission to bring people of different faiths and backgrounds to a common cause and get people connecting and working together.



The Unity of Faiths Foundation is committed to offer volunteering opportunities to people and especially the youth. It continues to mentor young people in various areas of its work, and during the festival season more than 50+ volunteers are working with us on all kinds of productions.

One of the newer projects of the Unity of Faiths Foundation is establishing a football team, TUFF United. The ethos is to allow young people some supervised recreational activity for young people who otherwise will not get any opportunities. Unity of Faiths Foundation is working with the support of a local training ground and the goodwill of official football trainers.


Leadership in Unity

The Foundation is keen to invite prominent individuals and role models who are committed to convey the message of unity. In 2014, Shri Ram Jethmalani spoke at the House of Commons and at the Law Courts about his extraordinary career in politics, law and now in his quest for unity across the globe.