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Support us

The Unity of Faiths Foundation is always keen to work with people who believe in the values and objectives of our mission.

If you would like further information, please fill in the form in the Contact Us section.


The Foundation is keen to attract volunteers. During the organisation of  large scale events such as the the Unity Festival, there are opportunities for volunteers to help out by offering their expertise as well as an opportunity to meet people and learn from others. At the 2013 Unity Festival in London, 50 volunteers participated in the development of the project.


Throughout the year, The Unity of Faiths Foundation has various activities. There are opportunities for joining us on internships during specific periods during the year. These internships could be project based or they could be for general all around experience.

Please send your CV with a covering letter as to why you would like to work with the Unity of Faiths Foundation. When suitable opportunities arise, you will be contacted.