Our Vision

The Unity of Faiths Foundation’s mission is to help ‘unite’ people of all communities irrespective of their religious belief, cultural or social background. It aims to help create a more stable, tolerant and cooperative future for all by promoting harmony and understanding between communities, drawing upon and celebrating the commonalities that unite people. The Foundation is a non-profit, secular organisation striving for unity between people and communities. It was established in 2011 and received charitable status in 2013 (No: 1153619).

Contemporary society suffers from so much pain and conflict. The Unity of Faiths Foundation’s embraces ‘unity’ both in terms of a value of aspiration as well as a value for a call for action. It is providing a framework for ‘unity’, which acts as the positive force to activate local communities into action and celebrate what is the most important too all communities; that is the respect of our fellow beings.

The Foundation recognises and endorses values of:

  • Understanding and respect of each other as the bedrock of social cohesion;
  • Dialogue between communities in order to cultivate harmony;
  • Sharing of ideas and practices to progress the quest for unity.

Ultimately it is about promoting ‘faith’ in each other in order to create ‘unity’.