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The Unity of Faiths Foundation has current projects in development in various international regions including Australia, India and Southern Africa with the intention of creating annual festivals and educational programmes where there is interaction and engagement between different nations via face to face connections as well as online groups.

In New Delhi on 13th March 2014, The Unity of Faiths India was launched to highlight the work currently being done in India. It was announced at the launch that Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, Professor Emeritus Ram Jethmalani will be an Global Ambassador for the Foundation. “I am delighted to be a Global Ambassador for The Unity of Faiths Foundation and I will work very hard to get the message to the people in all corners of India of the importance of unity and that we must together to find peace and harmony in these challenging times,” iterate Professor Jethmalhani.

Pareena Swarup, a former secretary to the Supreme Court of India will be managing the work in the region. She added “that there is a great deal of work to be done all around the world. I really do feel that the work of The Unity of Faiths Foundation is so important and needed all over the world.”

The Unity of Faiths Foundation is in dialogue with various organisations around the world in building partnerships and working together to build unity.


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