TUFF FC, a football project to support youth from different religious and cultural backgrounds, most come from low income families. We train them on a weekly basis to be better footballers whilst encouraging respect, discipline, and most importantly teamwork to create unity- the winning goal, through British Values.

This project started in August 2014 with 15 youths who played football in dangerous concrete cages and with TUFFs commitment, attracted hundreds of youths from London who now play on 3G astro turf and are trained, supported and encouraged to focus on positive opportunities, considerably lessening their chances of being on the streets in crime all that involves. TUFF gives them a sense of identity of being British.

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We have a very large group of super talented, enthusiastic young footballers aged 10 – 17 , now happy in understanding the opportunities open to them as part of multi-cultural football teams.

A short film made by one of our youth members just 6 months after the football project started describing the journey of TUFF FC can be viewed below:


The youths are contacted by TUFF FC through:
1. Schools
2. Places of worship
3. community centres
4. Festivals
5. Advertise on Local papers
6. word of mouth.

The project is run by TUFF admin staff/ partners who take the kids and parents to fill forms (attached)

Then the groups are put their age brackets .
They meet their coaches and other team members.

They are then taught football skills every week.
Every month we have a nutritionist who comes and talks to the youth to help support their health
Every month we teach the kids British values while we are discussing football matters.

The integration of the youths are made possible by the trust made by TUFF team who have built a great understanding with the heads of many religious places of worship in London and outside.

The Unity Faiths Foundation (TUFF) launched “Project Unity – reflecting on the past and securing the future with British values”, We seek to build understanding and friendship between young people by championing fundamental Human values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.Thus TUFF FC was created to bring the above through the football.

The kids after a successful 6 months of training and educating, we put all the children in the prestigious London FA Saturday youth league for the season. So they feel part of a real football club but with British values.

At present TUFF FC has
180 children from London
5 FA level trained football coaches
10 admin/football assistants

1 nutritionist (one session per month)
2 psychologist (one session per month)


Sol Campbell with TUFF FC girls team


Football for Unity signs Diego Maradona




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