Unity Chart 5 1226 x 266

Key Milestones



Shaolin Cultural Festival 300 x 250October 8-14

Unity of Faiths Foundation invited to co-partner with the 3rd Shaolin Cultural Festival held in London.


Project Unity Logo 60 0 x 500September 1

Preparations for Project Unity to empower young people to secure the future.


TUFF Shobha Yatra Unity Float 1

August 8

Unity of Faiths Foundations get non Hindus to participate in the annual Hindu Shoba Yatra in Southall


Football Artwork arztsamui ID-100186455 freedigitalphotosAugust 1

Tuff United Football Club created.


Community Iftar 600 x 500July 18

Community Iftar joins up with Unity of Faiths Foundation for a special Big Iftar celebration.


Ram Jet Malhani at law Courts 27 06 14 (C) TUFF (2 of 46) 600 x 500June 27

Ram Jethmalani speaks at the Law Courts for Unity of Faiths Foundation.


Ram Jet Malhani Hs of Commons 25 06 14 (C) TUFF Paresh Solanki (23 of 59) 600 x 500June 25

Unity of Faiths invites Ram Jethmalani, Unity Global Ambassador to House of Commons ‘In Conversation With’.


Unity of Faiths at ICD Rome 2014 (C) Paresh Solanki (289 of 493) 600 x 500March 21 -April 3

Unity of Faiths speaking at Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Rome & visiting the Vatican


Modi for Lawyers 14 03 2014 Paresh Solanki (38 of 38) 600 x 500

 March 14

Anna Prior speaking at Modi for Lawyers rally in New Delhi, India.


TUFF 13 03 2014 Paresh & Bhasker Solanki (49 of 69) 300 x 250March 13

Launch of Unity of Faiths Foundation in New Delhi with announcement of a Global Ambassador, Shri Ram Jethmalani.





The Unity Of Faiths Festival 201329 September

Unity Festival in Southall


The Unity Of Faiths Festival 201327 September

Launch of Unity Torch with School Children


The Unity Of Faiths Festival 2013 26 September

Sikh Leader Jathedar Akal Takh & Grand Muft of Palestine Mraishi visiting Westminister Abbey




The Unity Of Faiths Festival 20128 July

Unity Festival in Southall




The Unity Of Faiths Festival 201111 June

Unity Festival in Southall

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