tUff FC
Connecting with local communities
Uniting together at The Unity Festival in Southall
Sol Campbell with TUFF FC girls team
TUFF youths with Jeremy Corbyn at Football for Unity Launch
Faiths leaders playing football at Football for Unity Launch plus the other attachment.
TUFF Founders Congratulated by Roy Hodgson (England Football Manager) & Greg Dyke (Chairman of the FA)
Jennie Price CEO of Sport England, Dr Talwar & Anna Prior of TUFF FC , Sol Campbell
The Unity of Faiths Festival 2016 Torch ceremony
​Pope Francis receiving his TUFF shirt from youths and founders Anna Prior & Dr Shamender Talwar


Welcome to The Unity of Faiths Foundation

A global initiative to encourage people from all backgrounds to break down  the barriers of misunderstanding and ignorance; and instead learn to accept, respect, and have faith in each other in order to work together for the greater good of  humanity.

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Pope Francis Blesses The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF) Youth initiative at The Vatican

A TUFF delegation was invited to The Vatican to meet His Holiness Pope Francis.
Pope Francis greeted the delegation with so much love and affection, blessed TUFF and their football project.

Pope Francis was given a personalised TUFF FC shirt with Francis on the back of the shirt. He spoke to the youth and the Founder/Trustee members of TUFF Anna…

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Pledge for Unity

Pledge for Unity

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